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FIRE is a team-based, game-like experience for first-year students at UNH’s Paul College.


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Our world presents challenges that are complex, dynamic, and nonlinear. Active problem solvers are in high demand.

At Paul College, first-year students hit the ground running with the FIRE program. Their college years begin with a series of challenges geared toward developing the skills they need for success at college and in today’s world.

Working in teams and guided by alumni and peer mentors, UNH’s new business students develop their own multidisciplinary solutions to real-world problems.

The year-long program of FIRE challenges is designed to guide students to work from idea to execution. Every team develops a business plan to be presented at a year end.



What do new college students need . . .


What do new college students need for success?


list of what they need

[unordered_list style=”tick”]

connections to students with similar goals
on-campus resources
bridges to faculty and alumni
work that challenges them to develop rigorous work habits and relevant skills[/unordered_list]

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class of 2019


The Paul College Class of 2019 is already off and running with their FIRE experience.



fire specifics

FIRE stands for “First- Year Innovation and Research Experience,” and it’s designed to equip our first-year students will skills, infuse them with motivation, and provide a ready-made community from day one.

FIRE’s activities and assignments:[unordered_list style=”tick”]

reinforce strong social connections,
introduce students to on-campus assets,
encourage academic rigor and collaboration,
require solving complex problems,
create bridges to alumni and faculty,
establish academic and career frameworks.