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Those Pesky Boundaries

In higher education, the boundaries that constrain creativity and create a culture of uniformity extend beyond the constraints imposed by individual academic disciplines and extend their reach in areas that affect student’s perceptions of their ability to succeed, their place relative to peers and within the confines of existing social conventions. The foundation of every […]

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The One Platform to Rule Them All

When I was at Dreamforce 2015, I was part of a panel that discussed how technology is changing higher education. While Saleforce is penetrating the administrative side of the house, it has yet to establish a presence on the academic side. Of course, the academic side is changing dramatically as co-curricular experiences are quickly becoming the new battleground in […]

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The Journey Process

Many students seem to be more interested in managing risk than achieving success. Whether they are trying to prevent losing points on an exam, looking foolish answering a question in class, or selecting easy rather than difficult courses to take, it is more about averting losses than gaining success. The Journey Process is designed to […]

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