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Hombre al borde de un precipicio

Thinking across Boundaries

Imagining a World of Possibilities / Making the Impossible – Possible Rethinking the curriculum is essential as we transition from an industrial to a creative economy where the arts and sciences are more important than ever before and business acumen commands a premium. Today it is the art associated with design rather than the industry […]

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What does it mean to gamify the learning experience?

Gamification is often thought of as being nothing more than the addition of Points, Badges, and Leaderboards. However, the process of gamifying the learning experience can contain so much more. What does it mean to gamify the learning experience? Narrative Many games rely on narrative to advance play. We fall asleep listening to stories as […]

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Microfono sala conferenze

Is Gamification THE Answer?

Imagine standing at the front of a large lecture hall. Half the students are missing. Moreover, half of those in attendance are hunched over their smartphones furiously typing with both thumbs and a large smattering are still half asleep in their pajamas even though it’s sometime in the middle of the afternoon. Does it really […]

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