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How the Journey Story in the Wizard of Oz Provides a Powerful Metaphor

To understand the power of gamification, it is important to understand why people play games. Games are an important vehicle for generating self-esteem. While playing is certainly about amusement, it is also about feeling good about one’s self. Most people enjoy a healthy competition where intelligent obstacles can be overcome, favorable comparison is possible, and […]

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Stich, Abbildung, gravure, engraving from Burgun : ca 1870

The Business Case for Gamification 2.0

The age of industrial capital has given way to one centered on human capital. Success in today’s economy is becoming more dependent on the ideas and innovations that reside in intellectual rather than physical property. Hence human beings rather than machines are once again at the forefront of the value creation process.  Now, more than […]

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Why we are here: Creating engaged learners through gamification of higher education

Many young people today think nothing about spending hours killing trolls in a role playing game, freeing Angry Birds or competing with those in their social circles on Words with Friends. When it comes to studying for classes, though–an arena in which costs and future rewards are very real–they don’t have that same dogged perseverance. […]

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